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Access Our COVID-19 RT-PCR and Antigen asymptomatic services

  • RT-PCR: Results in 24 to 36 hours, Certificate for travel sent by email. The price is $99 + taxes. Payment via Debit Credit or cash. We send your test to an accreditated ISO 15189 specialized laboratory.
  • Antigen Test: Results in 15-20 minutes, Certificate for Travel printed or sent by email. The price is $50 + taxes. Subject to change if after hours appointment, weekend or Holiday. The test is done in front of you in 15-20 minutes and you wait for the results and your certificate.


What is the difference between PCR/NAAT COVID-19 testing and rapid antigen testing?

PCR testing

PCR testing identifies the presence or non‐presence of COVID‐19 virus proteins and gives you either a positive or negative result.

These tests are conducted in a laboratory and take a chain reaction of chemicals to produce the results.

This testing process is the gold standard of COVID-19 testing and can detect a small amount of virus.

The test result takes a longer period of time than rapid antigen testing..

Rapid antigen testing

Rapid antigen testing is a technology that has been widely utilized to detect other viruses such as HIV.

These tests provide similar results to tests that are carried out in laboratories. These tests create a chain reaction of chemicals to look for proteins related to the COVID‐19 virus and then either produce a positive or negative result depending on the presence or non‐presence of the proteins in the solution dripped onto the test strip.

Test results are available in 15-20 minutes.

COVID-19 Testing + Certificates

Please note

We only test ASYMPTOMATIC people (no symptoms of illness) for travel, business, or personal reasons.
if you have tested positive to COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, or have flu-like symptoms (such as a persistent cough, fever, or runny nose), or are experiencing tiredness or shortness of breath, telephone 811 (in New Brunswick) to speak with a public health official who will assist with directions for medical testing and care.

Telephone 911 (nine – one – one) to contact emergency services if you are having difficulty breathing.


Nous testons seulement les personnes asymptomatiques (aucun symptôme de maladie).
Si vous avez testé positif à la COVID-19 ou croyez que vous avez été exposé au virus COVID-19, ou que vous avez des symptômes de type grippe (comme une toux persistante, une fièvre ou un nez qui coule), ou éprouvez de la fatigue ou de l’essoufflement , TELEPHONEZ au 811 (au Nouveau-Brunswick) pour parler avec un responsable de la santé publique qui vous guidera pour des tests et soins médicaux.

Téléphonez au 911 (neuf – un – un) pour contacter les services d’urgence si vous rencontrez des difficultés respiratoires.

Fast & Reliable COVID-19 Testing for Travel, Work, and Events

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2 – Get Tested

COVID -19 Testing is fast and easy.

3 – Get your Result

We  can provide your certificate on paper, by email, by text, it’s your choice.

Services and pricing

Antigen Test
  • Results in 15-20 minutes
  • Certificate for Travel printed
  • Certificate for Travel emailed
  • Results in 24 to 36 hours
  • Accreditated ISO 15189 specialized lab.
  • Certificate for Travel emailed
For corporate events, large group, after hours, on site or other special requests
  • Please contact Evolution Travel Clinic via phone or email.
Present Test PCR


Tests are done by appointment only.
Please do not walk in to the clinic if you have not previously scheduled an appointment.


Les tests sont faits seulement sur rendez-vous.
Merci de ne pas venir à la clinique si vous n’avez pas de rendez-vous.

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